Since 1996, EC&M has provided the Mid-Atlantic region with a variety of electrical solutions, from standard commercial projects to a long list of sophisticated applications. A listing of these services are below:

Building Systems

  • Custom Control Panel Design and Construction
  • Industrial Electrical Equipment Power and Controls Wiring
  • Indoor Lighting Systems
  • Exterior Lighting Systems
  • General-Purpose Power Distribution
  • Industrial Controls and Automation Systems
  • Stand-by and Prime Power Generator Installations
  • Control System Design
  • Machine, Process, and Facility Control and Automation
  • PLC Control Systems, Networking, and HMI (Human-Machine Interfacing)
  • Retrofit and Upgrade of Existing Control Systems
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • UPS Systems

Power Distribution Systems

  • Electrical Switchgear and Equipment
  • 100% Redundant Power Distribution Systems for Critical Applications
  • Low and Medium Voltage Power Distribution Design and Installation
  • 600 Volt, 5KV, 15KV, and 25KV Power Distribution Systems

Other Services

  • Load Shedding / Sharing
  • Lighting Efficiency Analysis / Retrofit
  • Distribution System Surveys and Mapping
  • Efficiency Analysis of Distribution Systems
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • BISCI Certified Structured Cable Installation